Project no: 28819
Funding: 3 mio EUR (UL 370.000 EUR)
Effort: 445 person-months
Duration: 1.12.2011 - 30.11.2014
Coordinator: Technical University Dresden
WebSite: ISES

ISES will develop ICT building blocks to integrate and complement existing tools for design and operation management into a Virtual Energy Lab capable of evaluating, simulating and optimizing the energy efficiency of products and facilities, in particular components for buildings and facilities, before their realization and taking into account their stochastic life-cycle nature. For the energy-efficient design and operation of products the semantic contexts of several different roles will be integrated. A holistic approach will be applied to enable efficient use of today’s loosely connected numerical analysis tools, modellers and graphical presentation tools and new stochastic methods will be developed to deal with the random nature of energy profiles and consumption through the product life-cycle.