Project no: IST-2004-004664
Funding: EU funding 2.100.000 €
Effort: 360 person months
Duration: 1.9.2004 - 28.2.2007
Coordinator: University of Ljubljana, prof.dr. Žiga Turk
WebSite: InteliGrid

InteliGrid addresses the lack of integrated computing environment that would providing the engineering industries with challenging integration and interoperability needs with a flexible, secure, robust, ambient accessible, interoperable, pay-per-demand access to (1) information, (2) communication and (3) processing infrastructure.

InteliGrid project addressed these challenge by successfully combined and extended state-of-the-art research and technologies in three key areas: (a) semantic interoperability, (b) virtual organisations, and (c) grid technology to provide standards-based collection of ontology based services and grid middleware in support of dynamic virtual organisations as well as grid enabled engineering applications.