Computer Mediated Construction 2013

The module introduces the field of construction informatics and its role in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector. The aim of the module is to provide students with an understanding of the purpose of construction informatics and more specifically to outline the optional modules available to the student on the programme in more detail.

On successful completion of the module, the students will be able to:

  • Define the role of informatics in society in general and in AEC in particular.
  • Describe the importance on the informatisation of the AEC sector.
  • Explain the potentials of construction informatics in general and of various specific application areas.
  • Discuss the specific problems of construction informatics.

The module will try to address the following questions and topics:

  • What is construction informatics?
  • Historical and strategic perspective of the informatization in the construction industry
  • Technical, scientific and life-cycle framework for IT
  • Role of IT in a construction company and society
  • Business and technical process-reengineering and IT
  • Specific problems of construction informatics
  • Data, information, knowledge, wisdom

Matevž Dolenc
skype: mdolenc

Monday and Wednesday
18:00 (Dublin) / 19:00 (Ljubljana)

Online conference room:

Week 0, Oct 4 2013 - Recordings: Video - part 1, Video - part 2

Week 1, Oct 7 2013 Recordings: Video

Week 1, Oct 9 2013 Recordings: Video

Week 2, Oct 14 2013 Recordings: Video

Week 2, Oct 16 2013 Recordings: Video

Week 3, Oct 21 2013 Recordings: Video

  • Cloud computing
    • Virtualization
    • Assignment: Install VirtualBox and create a virtual machine (for example Ubuntu Linux)
  • Computing environments - High-throughput computing (HTC)
  • Resources
  • Project work
  • Discussion, Q&A

Week 3, Oct 23 2013 Recordings: Video

Week 4, Nov 4 2013 Recordings: Video

  •  Refresh of the module topics
    • Communication revolutions
    • Construction informatics
    • Engineering communication
    • Computing environments (HPC/HTC)
    • Cloud computing
    • Building Information Modelling
    • Security
  • Project work
  • Discussion, Q&A
  • Survey - The use of ICT in AEC

Week 4, Nov 6 2013 Recordings: Video

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